Internet Scale Real-time Analytics Using Streaming SQL

Pulsar is an open-source, real-time analytics platform that includes stream processing, metrics store, and reporting frameworks. Pulsar can be used to collect, process user and business events in real time, provide key insights using custom dashboards, and enable systems to react to user activities within seconds. In addition to real-time sessionization and multi-dimensional metrics aggregation, Pulsar uses a SQL-like event processing language to offer custom stream creation through data enrichment, mutation, and filtering.

What's New - Pulsar Reporting

  • Near real-time reports
  • Visual reporting editor
  • Rich charting widgets: line, bar, histogram, pie, stack, datatable, etc.
  • Reporting API supporting both SQL and structured JSON queries
  • Dynamic data source management
  • Security and permission


Partition events across cluster nodes dynamically – scaling to tens of millions of events per second.


No downtime during software upgrade, stream processing of rules and topology changes.


SQL-like language and annotations for defining stream processing rules, including declarative pipeline stitching to enable dynamic topology changes at runtime.

Real-time Analytics

Multi-dimensional metrics aggregation over time windows. Custom stream creation through enrichment, mutation and data filtering.


Real-time logic to group user events into sessions, enabling user session-based metrics and insights.

Cloud Deployment

Easy pipeline setup through Docker images.

Interactive Dashboard

Visualize metrics in real-time using a rich set of widgets. No coding needed.

Reporting API

Standard SQL and structured JSON queries including dynamic data source management.

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