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Getting Started with Pulsar

Pulsar is an open-source, real-time analytics platform, provides the end to end solution for real-time BigData analytics from data ingestion, data processing to data visualization. In Pulsar, we have Pulsar.Pipeline which is real-time analytics streaming pipeline and Pulsar Reporting which is a generic BigData Visualization framework. Let's start the first Pulsar Journey!

Pulsar Pipeline       Get Started

Pulsar Pipeline is the real-time analytics streaming pipeline, can be used to collect, process user and business events in real time, providing key insights and enabling systems to react to user activities within seconds.

Installing Pulsar Pipeline
Three are three methods to help you setup your Pulsar Pipeline:

Pulsar Reporting      Get Started

Pulsar Reporting is a very light framework. Pulsar Reporting API can be deployed to any Java web containers. Pulsar Reporting UI is a pure Angular.JS application, it can be deployed to Node/Nginx or any Java web containers.

Quick Start Pulsar Reporting

Installing Pulsar Reporting UI
Three are three methods to help you setup your Pulsar Reporting UI: